Hot Stones

“An hour & a half of total bliss”

This amazing massage relaxes the whole body, mind and spirit. Specially selected warmed natural basalt stones gently penetrate sore aching muscles. It is a gentle yet firm therapeutic massage and is ideal for fibromyalgia, lymphatic drainage, Pre- Menstrual Tension, arthritis -osteoarthritis sufferers or for those times when conventional massage may be to painful. It is very grounding, great for letting go and easing the worries of a stressful situation and mental anxiety.
It is finished off with a refreshing cold stone neck and facial and gentle therapeutic stretching techniques.

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"Hot stone therapy is a challenge to the body, a rest for the mind and a journey for the spirit. It may blow you away like a roller coaster of feelings and sensations but by the end of the treatment you will reach your own place of total balance."
Jane Scrivner- La stone therapy – 2003

Hot stone therapy incorporates the warm and relaxed feeling of heated volcanic basalt stones with the cooling refreshed appeal of iced marble stones. The volcanic basalt stones are naturally formed ancient pebbles and the marble is hand carved and shaped to form smooth body massage tools.

Throughout the ages research has shown that there is a great benefit to the physiology of alternating hot and cold to alleviate pain and strain to muscles and limbs, and the chemical and physical changes which occur within the body and structures – alternatively producing sedative and energising responses is termed thermotherapy.

The heated volcanic basalt stones radiate their energy deep into the muscles. Some are placed for maximum penetration effect in strategic areas of the body while others are used or ‘worked ‘ for deep or remedial benefits to limbs, neck and torso regions. Vasodilation occurs and seemingly melts away and unblocks any restrictions and creates a sense of ‘letting go’ and ‘drifting away’. Specially selected organic ‘Aroma- therapeutic’ oils also enhance the sensation of ‘totally letting go’.

The handcrafted iced marble stones are used to balance and refresh the venous and lymphatic systems and re-energise the myofascial layers of the muscles. The process of vasoconstriction flushes the toxins away creating a ‘cleansing’ effect and assists in reducing inflammation. The treatment takes you to another level of deep subconscious ‘awakening’ and changes you on every level – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

If you are feeling lethargic or fatigued – it refreshes and invigorates you, and can charge up your natural immune system to help keep illness at bay. A full body, deep, warming, grounding massage which soothes and relieves tired, sore, aching muscles.