Lymphatic massage

Correct technique of Lymphatic massage accelerates the flow of lymph, increasing the body’s metabolism and assists the body in detoxifying waste materials, purifying and regenerating tissues, balances the body’s internal chemistry and helps to normalise the function of organs. Lymph circulation is vital to life. Natural movements of the skeletal muscles in everyday activities such as walking, breathing and exercising encourage this to happen. However due to any trauma, restricted movement or certain medical conditions, lymphatic fluid can accumulate and stagnate within the tissues.

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Lymphatic drainage is the term given to a gentle style of massage using light stroking and pressure and release movements which create a pumping action to encourage the flow of lymph through the lymph vessels and draining the tissues of excess and contaminated fluid. Lymphatic drainage also supports the enhancement of the immune system by stimulating the activity of the lymph nodes and increasing the production of lymphocytes.